Maclaine Defelice

Gay Man. Passionate Advocate. Proud Cat Dad.

My Story

I feel most connected to my LGBTQ+ community and allies. I want to support those who feel uncomfortable and find it hard to be their authentic self.


MacLaine DeFelice

MacLaine DeFelice

Certified Life Coach

I was a closeted skinny gay boy growing up in the South. I was always a perfectionist and a people pleaser. I played the crazy extremes, throwing myself out there and facing my fears, only to retreat when I got an opposing reaction. I was constantly judging myself and rarely felt self-confident. I embraced other people’s opinions instead of my own.

At 34, I realized, oh, f**k, time is moving, I’m exhausted, and I haven’t achieved all I hoped for. I’d spent years trying to be whatever I thought others wanted me to be, hoping it would make me feel secure in all my relationships. Nothing felt right. I was stuck. I needed to do something different.

After years of therapy working through what was holding me back, I started to figure out what I needed. For fourteen years, I worked as a Master Colorist at a high-end salon, where I built strong relationships with my clients. The opportunity arose to create a presentation about handling stress in the salon environment, dealing with demanding clients and co-workers, and not taking things personally. The process of developing the presentation and my co-workers stating how much they benefited from the content was rewarding. I wanted to do more. Shortly afterward, I enrolled in The Life Coach School and earned my Certification in Life Coaching.

Everything changed after that. I finally feel like I’m living my life on my terms, and my choices are my own. I’ve found my purpose, and I would love to help you find yours.

Why Choose Me As Your Life Coach?


Do you get stressed and nervous before putting your work, social media posts, or opinions out into the world? I get you. If events make you nervous because you think you said or did something wrong, I get you.

Have you wondered what you could accomplish if you felt free from self-doubt and uncertainty? The first step is figuring out what is truly holding you back. I can help you move forward and go after the life you have always wanted.