Judgment free zone here. Let’s Break Down Walls and Think big.

Life Coaching for the LGBTQ+ Community & Allies

What could you accomplish if you felt free from self-doubt and uncertainty? Coaching will unlock your potential and inspire you to get more of what you’re after in life.

Collaborative, Virtual Coach

I want to help you be more confident in your skin, even when others are judging you.

We might identify differently – cisgender, gay, transgender, nonbinary, straight, lesbian, queer, asexual – but most of us understand the feeling of not being chosen, supported, or represented. Sometimes it seems we don’t have what it takes or there isn’t a place for us.

As a gay man, I understand what it feels like to be marginalized and hide who I am. When you put yourself out there and get a negative response, it’s hard not to internalize the opinions of others. Feeling loved and accepted are basic needs we all have. Sometimes that need is so strong that it makes us question who we are, doubt whether we should move forward, and fear trying anything new. We become our own worst critic.

Are you ready to understand what’s holding you back so you can move forward and go after the life you’ve always wanted?

      • Perhaps you feel stuck and haven’t achieved the complete transformation that you’ve always wanted
      • Maybe you feel overwhelmed because your job requires you to serve opinionated people in a high-pressure environment
      • Perhaps you feel misunderstood and judged in relationships; doubting you are moving in the right direction
      • Maybe you feel uncomfortable being noticed at social events or speaking up at a meeting
      • Perhaps you don’t like your body and the way you look, or you had aesthetic procedures thinking they would solve all your problems
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Person looking in mirror

Body Image

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Dating & Relationships

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Healthy Habits

MacLaine leaning against a light post

I’ve been there. I get you.

Hi, I’m MacLaine. Certified Life Coach.

I spent a good part of my life taking things personally and constantly worrying about what others thought of me. I remember the moment I realized I was scared to be seen. I was 14 and walked into a convenience store where everyone turned and stared. It sounds so inconsequential – who didn’t feel like that as a teenager? But, for me, it was the beginning of a long road to owning who I was.

People telling me “who cares what others think” did not work for me. It made me feel more alone and more misunderstood. Finally, after years of therapy, Life Coach Training, hard work, and lots of patience with myself, I became the person I wanted to be. I found my superpower in life —helping others more fully own and create who they are— that’s why I am a Certified Life Coach!

My Approach


Listen without judgment.


Passionate and committed.


Reach goals at your own pace.


Clarity with compassion.


Vulnerable and supportive.


Think big. You’re worth it!

  • NIf you're a perfectionist, get embarrassed easily, or wake up at 4 a.m. thinking about something you said or did a month ago, I get you.
  • NIf you are attracted to people that bulldoze through life and get things done, but you want to research and plan it all out first, I get you.
  • NThe number one regret that people have at the end of their life is that they wish they would've had more courage to be true to themselves.
  • NIf you want better for yourself and you're ready to do the work, I'm here for you.

Let’s Do This

Coaching may be exactly what inspires you to get more of what you’re after in life. Whether that’s being free to be more self-confident, have healthier relationships, be more comfortable with the way you look, or accomplish your desired goals. I’m here to collaborate with you, hold you accountable, laugh with you, and help you set measurable goals at your own pace.