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What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching helps clients identify limiting beliefs, resistance to change, and the obstacles that block them. We help clients create a custom Plan of Action designed to achieve specific outcomes in their lives. Life Coaching works because it focuses on what clients want to achieve in an objective and nonjudgemental environment.

Is it essential to hire a Certified Life Coach?

Yes, it is important. Certified Life Coaches complete extensive specialized training that teaches them the right questions to ask, how to communicate effectively, and the strategies and tools to help clients move beyond feeling stuck and focus on their future.

Isn't having a friend the same as coaching?

Encouraging friends are a vital part of our support network. However, a Certified Life Coach is professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results. 

A Certified Life Coach is 100% dedicated to your achievements and future. They won’t tell you what to do. Instead, they will use techniques to help you uncover the answers yourself. They will listen, encourage, support, and motivate. 

A Certified Life Coach brings a fresh perspective to your situation (without any past history) and provides a safe, nonjudgmental space for you to process your thoughts and feelings, which won’t go any further than us.

What happens during a coaching session?

Life Coaching is a collaboration between the Client and Coach. Typically, we’ll start by getting a snapshot of your current circumstance, current challenges, the outcomes you are working on, and what you want to achieve. 

During the Coaching Session, the Certified Life Coach will ask you questions and offer support and feedback to help you stay focused on your goals. In addition, when appropriate, I will give you tasks and objectives to work on outside of our sessions to keep you moving forward. Coaching Sessions last 50 minutes.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

I’ve found that meeting once a week for six (6) months gives the most significant transformation and change. This frequency allows you to reflect and apply the tools we’ve discussed between sessions. It also keeps the positive benefits and momentum of our work together consistent. 

Depending on the specific goal you want to achieve or the struggle you want to overcome, the time frame and speed can vary greatly and depends on a wide range of factors: i.e., your commitment and openness to vulnerability, how quickly and thoughtfully you complete assignments, and other individual factors. 

Do you offer virtual or in-person sessions?

The majority of coaching sessions will be on Zoom. Virtual Coaching Sessions have proven to be the most convenient and time-efficient approach for individuals to fit coaching into their busy lives from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. I am open to discussing a Phone Coaching Session if necessary.

What about confidentiality?

As a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School, I will maintain strict confidentiality for all your business and personal information. All sessions will be private, allowing you to explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe space.

I'm a straight individual. Would you work with me?

I serve All Humans hiding their authentic self because of fear, lack of self–confidence, or limiting beliefs that have held them back. I am here to empower everyone to be free to live their truth!

Still have questions? Reach out! I can’t wait to connect with you.

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