Life Tips for LGBTQ+ Individuals and Allies

Real Talk About Dating, Work, and Loving Who You Are
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Growing up gay in the South was no picnic – let me tell you. I moved to San Francisco at 19 years old and came out as gay for the first time. The last 20 years have had many ups and downs, and I’m here to tell the tale. So, if you’re looking for real talk about living, loving, falling hard, and getting back up again, you’ve come to the right place.

Stay tuned – Life Tips Are Coming Soon! Topics we will cover:

Why a string of bad relationships doesn’t mean you can’t find a healthy, lasting relationship.
Strategies for an introvert to fully succeed like an extrovert.
Tips on avoiding overwhelm when being in photos.
How finding yourself first helps you to find the right person.
Red Flags that you’re holding yourself back from receiving more.
How to build self-confidence in the workplace.
Online Dating – Swipe left, swipe right. 5 seconds to get someone’s attention. Are you over it?

-MacLaine DeFelice

Be Your Authentic Self

Do you put on a happy face, but everything is falling apart behind the scenes?
Is it hard to be honest with others because you don’t want to hurt or disappoint them?
Have you waited for someone to choose you or validate your thoughts, feelings, and actions?

If you’re afraid to change in life, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Coaching will help you unlock your potential and inspire you to get more of what you’re after in life.